Countermeasures against Counterfeiting of the New 500 yen Coins

Coordinated operations among Relevant Ministries and Agencies Involved in the Investigation.

The National Police Agency and related government ministries and agencies have deepened mutual coalition in regard to the recent case of forfeiting new 500-yen coins as stated below. We will continue to exchange information and strive to clarify the case.

(1) Alliance between Investigative Authorities and Customs

Japan Customs and the Ministry of Finance have proactively provided the police authority with information on the investigation in relation to forged coins that were discovered at Tokyo Customs in April and May 2005. These were basically the same type as the false coins found recently. We will further intensify coalition with the police agency with the goal of resolving a series of counterfeiting cases.

(2) Accelerated Communication to Investigative Authorities

When the examination of new 500-yen coins is requested from the Japan Mint by financial institutions through the Bank of Japan in the future and the examination results show they are thought to be forged coins that are closely related to the recent counterfeited coin case, the Ministry of Finance will promptly inform the National Police Agency.

In addition, the Ministry of Finance will request the concerned financial institutions and such to inform the prefectural police department under the relevant jurisdiction with such information in collaboration with the Bank of Japan.

(3) Accelerated Examination Process Conducted by Japan Mint

The Ministry of Finance will make a greater effort to grasp the situation of the recent case quickly by further acceleration of the examination process conducted by the Japan Mint.

Measures for Crime Prevention and Prevention of Counterfeiting in the Future

(1) Request for the Japan Vending Machine Manufacturers Association Concerning Improvement of ATMs, etc.

The National Police Agency and the Ministry of Finance will request Japan Vending Machine Manufacturers Association to make a prompt study regarding improvement measures for ATM and other cash handling machines based on the results of “inspection and examination” (through tests, etc.) conducted in the past. Measures include those to improve coin identification devices to prevent forged coins from being accepted, such as enhanced detection levels, and improvement measures contributing to the prevention of false coin circulation (for example, placing limits on the quantity of new 500-yen coins that can be used at ATMs.) These are a temporary measure taken in the limited period before the aforementioned measure is implemented, while giving consideration to maintaining convenience for users.

(2) Enhanced Cleanliness of New 500-yen Coins

The Ministry of Finance will seek to improve the cleanliness of new 500-yen coins in circulation (collection of defaced coins, increasing the circulation of official new coins), under the objective of facilitating the discovery of forged coins in coalition with the Bank of Japan.

(3) Tightened Control over Smuggling of Forged Coins at Customs

Japan Customs and the Ministry of Finance will further reinforce intensive control over the smuggling of forged coins conducted at customs, which includes: (1) Conducting intensive inspection of suspicious cargo and passengers that are selectively chosen as a result of collection and analysis of information, (2) The proactive utilization of X-ray inspection apparatus and other control/inspection devices, and (3) Reinforced coalitions with relevant authorities.

(4) Request for Cooperation of Concerned Bodies Made by the National Police Agency and the Ministry of Finance

In view of the recent situation where a great amount of forged coins were used in post offices, the National Police Agency and the Ministry of Finance will make certain requests of financial institutions and such while closely communicating with the Financial Services Agency. Such requests include improving ATMs and other cash handling devices, reinforcing identity verification when a massive amount of new 500-yen coins are brought to the counter of financial institutions, calls for public information and cooperation related to forged coins by introducing posters posted at branches, etc. and other measures, and cooperation relating to the enhanced cleanliness of new 500-yen coins.

Further, the National Police Agency and the Ministry of Finance will also request that vending machine and other cash handling machine installers take adequate measures for promoting necessary awareness and preventing the circulation of forged coins.

(5) Thorough and ongoing Public Information and Promotion of Awareness

The National Police Agency and the Ministry of Finance will strive for thorough and ongoing public information and promotion of national awareness in regard to forged coins through the creation of posters, the provision of information on the Internet and other measures.

National Police Agency
Financial Services Agency
Ministry of Finance