Awareness of fake Made in Japan products


Japanese people has longest life expectancy in the world. The reason is believe to be good healthy food in daily life. The fake health products seller take advantage of this concept and spread fake health products. Japanese health food and supplement manufacturers carried proper safety research and testing process of each product before selling. According to the World Health Organization “WHO” estimates, one million people die each year from falsified & counterfeit medicines.The fake health products may contain a wrong dose or harmful ingredient, or a different ingredient. They may be potentially dangerous. At worst, can result serious health problem or fatal injury.


Japanese electronic goods are famous around the world for advanced technology, good quality, durability and safety. Fake electronics with poor quality can be very dangerous due to the risk of overheating, fire, explosion, and electric shocks. At worst they represent a serious risk to your safety. Many cases are reported where fake mobile phone battery was blasted like a bomb that result fatal injury and even death. Never take risk of your life. Before you buy, check any new devices are genuine Made in Japan items and make sure you get the real goods.


Japanese cosmetic manufacturing companies takes years of research to test safety of their products. While fake cosmetic products containing toxic levels of chemicals and harmful substances are very dangerous to skin and overall health. Fake cosmetic products and makeup goods can lead to swelling, rashes, and sometime poisoning that can cause serious skin problems. In worse case, reactions such as irritation, allergic reactions and redness, to more severe infections, swelling, blistering, burning and even potential permanent disfigurement. For your own safety, “never buy fake made in japan cosmetics”. Always buy genuine Made in Japan cosmetic (real made in japan makeup goods).


Japan is world’s largest automobile manufacturing country. 12 Auto-makers among best 20 in the world are from Japan. Japanese cars and their parts are best selling. People around the world trust Japanese automobiles and parts for high quality in terms of durability and safety. The fake auto parts producers take advantage of people’s trust on Japanese spare parts, and selling fake parts produced with low quality material. The counterfeit auto-parts can cause fatal errors such as brake failure, cracked wheels, engine damage or misfiring airbags, which is a very serious risk to the safety of driver and passengers that some time lead to a deadly accident or fire on vehicle.