Certificate of Origin

A Certificate of Origin “CO” or “COO” is an important international trade document declaring in which country a commodity or good was manufactured. It’s required by businesses, banks and customs officials to authenticate the origin of exported goods. The Country of origin certificate confirms the country of production of a product is Japan and serves as a declaration to customs authority or international trade requirements for the legitimacy of import goods. Certificates of Origin certifies that goods in a shipment are produced, manufactured or processed in Japan.

Made in Japan Organization (MIJO) issue certificate of origin for “Made in Japan” goods.

Who can apply?

Companies registered in Japan or having physical presence such as registered branch office in Japan can apply for Certificate of Origin.


The fee is Japanese Yen 30,000 per certificate.

How to apply

Applicant is responsible (required) to provide satisfactory “evidence of origin” with the application. Exporter(s) can apply by click here